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Since 2005, Simcoach Games has been at the forefront of creating engaging, imaginative and highly interactive virtual learning solutions. Having produced hundreds of video games with millions of downloads for leading business enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions, Simcoach’s games facilitate active learning, encourage positive behavior change, and streamline training.

Simcoach Games develops games that develop people through immersive, online gameplay that transforms learning, unleashes potential, and positively impacts individuals, enterprises, and society. Simcoach makes a difference by converting real-world experiences into virtual opportunities that inform and encourage diverse learners in a wide array of academic institutions, government agencies and business enterprises. From mastering schoolwork – to preparing for employment – to discovering skills and aptitudes – to being trained to be safe and successful, Simcoach is building the future – one game at a time.   

Sigma Resources
acquired Simcoach Games in 2020. For over 20-years, Sigma Resources has delivered software product and data analytics solutions to help companies grow and transform their businesses. Sigma has developed solutions to solve business problems in new and creative ways by leveraging emerging technologies with a customer and product focus.

Together, these companies are tackling complex issues through immersive gameplay and emerging technologies.

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