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What is the Summer Registered Pre-apprenticeship Program? 
Our program provides an opportunity that is unique for high school students: An ability to experience a real job in the industry, with the appropriate accountability to a professional video game company, accountability to a team and peers, and accountability to individually contribute. This is through an experience of building and delivering, solving real problems, with artifacts that apprentices will present and (hopefully!) be proud to deliver. This opportunity is NOT all fun and games! It is an intense program in which apprentices will mostly work within a team of peers to build game prototypes.  

What will Summer Apprentices learn? 
This Registered Pre-apprenticeship seeks to develop 21st century work and life skills including: Entrepreneurial skills, taking initiative, goal-setting, planning, creativity, communication, team collaboration, delegation, scheduling, iteration and the opportunity to exhibit curiosity, grit and perseverance. There will also be access to mentors and professionals to help guide you along the way! 

What will Summer Apprentices do? 
·   Build games in project teams 
·   Produce – including scheduling, team leadership, organizing 
·   Story tell for business – including marketing, game design, presenting your work 
·   Create art - 2d/3d art, animation, concepting, performance 
·   Design - create game goals, rules design, content to interactivity in a game framework 
·   Develop code

What are the take-aways for the Summer Apprentices? 

This Registered Pre-apprenticeship is all about creating GAMES FOR YOUTH BY YOUTH. A big part of what we do through games is focus on how to affirm and motivate youth around their interests and aptitudes. We believe the process of playing, designing, and developing games and interactive experiences provides an extremely valuable experience that can translate to many different career pathways. It's also a ton of fun! 

Apprentices will also come away with... 
·   A professional work experience performing a variety of roles for Game Studio projects 
·   Industry references and recommendations 
·   Digital skills work portfolio 
·   Completion certificate and letters from Simcoach Games
·   Registered Pre-apprenticeship Program Completion Certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
·   Joining the Simcoach Alumni Community for future playtesting, initiatives, and more 

Are the Summer Apprentices paid? 
Yes. The Summer Apprentices will be hired as paid employees of the Company’s Game Design Studio where games are ideated and prototyped.      

What are the requirements to apply? 
This program is a great way to help you decide your next steps, professionally, academically, and personally. As a Registered Pre-apprenticeship in Pennsylvania, we are invested in prioritizing those soon taking steps toward entering the workforce and pursuing academic plans after high school.

To be eligible to apply, you must be at least 16 years old by the start of the program and entering your senior year of high school in the upcoming fall or have completed high school in the last year.  

We take a special interest in promoting the involvement of under-represented groups in STEAM fields and strongly encourage students from all backgrounds to apply. We encourage minorities, females, LGBTQ+, disabled, and neurodiverse individuals to apply. No experience in game design, production, art, animation, or coding is required, however please share anything that you think we should know about you. 

When is the program held? 
Our 2024 program starts on Monday, June 10th and runs through Friday, July 19th.

What are the hours? 
We offer two sessions and do our best to work with your availability. You will work in the same session throughout the duration of the program. 

Morning Session: 8 AM - 12 PM 
Afternoon Session: 1 PM - 5 PM 

Who should I contact if I have questions? 

Email for questions. We will be happy to connect with you!

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