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What is a Registered Pre-apprenticeship Program?

A Registered Pre-apprenticeship program is designed to prepare and support individuals to take their next steps toward entering a career field without being required to pursue advanced higher level education in order to gain skills and qualifications to compete in the job market for in-demand positions. Our Registered Pre-apprenticeship program provides our Summer Apprentices with confidence in their on-the-job learned skills to take on their next step, professionally or academically. Individuals are prepared to compete more effectively for Registered Apprenticeship placements and discerning academic programs through the demonstration of applicable project work deliverables and artifacts showcasing in-demand, marketable skills.

What can I expect from a Registered Pre-apprenticeship?

·   Classroom and Hands-On training and curriculum approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that strongly prepares individuals      for their next step entering a STEAM field such as Registered Apprenticeship opportunities and competitive academic programs              requiring foundational knowledge and demonstrated skills to be successful.
·   Advanced standing if accepted into the Company’s Partnered Registered Apprenticeship program for Junior Game Developer – the        first Game Technology Registered Apprenticeship in Pennsylvania! Hour credits earned in the Pre-apprenticeship program will be              applied to the full Registered Apprenticeship program.
·   Support services and career counseling to help you apply your new skills to your next steps.

How Will My Successful Completion be Recognized?

As this program is a Registered Pre-apprenticeship with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, individuals who successfully complete this program will be issued a Certificate of Completion from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania documenting their successful completion for this work-based learning credential.

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